GP Minute Offer 2022 । Grameenphone Minute Pack 2022

GP provides excellent quality service to their customers. The amount of call drop in their network is very low and Grameenphone’s 4G internet facility is also available in areas of Bangladesh where the network of other operators is very low. GP SIM recharge can be heard clearly and GP recharge system is easily available in remote areas. So GP SIM is at the top of everyone’s list. Then day GP’s minute offer is much more affordable and convenient than other operators.

GP Minute Purchase Code

For work, business or education we have to talk a lot at different times, sometimes we have to talk regularly but sometimes we have to talk regularly on certain days. We need one minute at a time to talk like this. GP has arranged various packages considering all these needs of the customers. In 2022, Grameenphone has launched an attractive all-minute offer package.

GP Minute Purchase Code

If you want to get the offers, see this post. In this post, you will find details about all types of GP minute offers. You will know how to buy a minute offer and you will be able to accept GP minute offer very easily. You can talk for a long time at low cost by taking GP minutes rather than talking in general. Here are the ways to get the minute offers:


Price Minutes Validity Active code
14 Taka 21 Min+11 MMS 16 Hours *121*4001#
16 Taka 25 Min+3 MMS 24 Hours *121*4207#
24 Taka 37 Min+11 MMS 24 Hours *121*4002#
44 Taka 67 Min+11 MMS 4 Days *121*4003#
53 Taka 77 Min+50 SMS+11 MMS 7 Days *121*4205#
59 Taka 90 Min+11 MMS 7 Days *121*4205#
64 Taka 100 Min+3 MMS 7 Days  *121*4206#
78 Taka 120 Min+11 MMS 7 Days *121*4026#
99 Taka 160 Min+11 MMS 7 Days *121*4006#
117 Taka 190 Min+11 MMS 10 Days *121*4007#
199 Taka 310 Min+11 MMS 30 Days *121*4018#
233 Taka 350 Min+11 MMS 15 Days *121*4008#
298 Taka 480 Min+11 MMS 30 Days *121*5074#
307 Taka 500 Min+3 MMS  30 Days *121*4208#
494 Taka 600 Min+2 GB Net  30 Days *121*3447#
604 Taka 1000 Minute  30 Days *121*4208#
997 Taka 1200 Min+6 GB Net  30 Days *121*3449#

GP Minute Code

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