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Nagad Account Pin Code Recover In 2 Minutes

নগদ একাউন্টের ভুলে যাওয়া পিন পুনরুদ্ধার করুন মাত্র দুই মিনিটেই

Despite having a NAGAD account, we often mistakenly forget the password / PIN number in our NAGAD account. In that case there are two ways we can recover our forgotten PIN number. বাংলায় দেখুন


NAGAD Pin Code Reset


  •  Dial * 167 # on the phone
  •  Call NAGAD customer service [16167]


The first method is through the menu on the phone. First you have to dial * 167 # from the customer’s mobile phone. Then you have to select the pin reset option by pressing the menu number 8. Then there will be two options. Forgot pin at number one and change pin at number two.

You can recover the forgotten PIN number using the Forgot PIN option. You can set up a new PIN by changing the current PIN from the Change PIN option.

To recover the forgotten PIN, you have to select the number one forget pin option and then enter the number in the NID card with which you opened the cash account. The next option will be to ask for the details of the last 90 days of the transaction rather than the details of the transaction. Cash in, Send Money, Cash Out, Mobile Recharge in the last 90 days or if you receive any service, you have to select its amount and the name of that service. After selecting the name and sending it, an OTP one time password will come to the customer’s phone. Then dial * 167 # to give OTP for the first time and set up the PIN number with a new four digit PIN number twice in a row.

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NAGAD Forgotten Pin Code Reset


 Forgotten PIN recovery process with menu


  •  Dial * 167 #


  •  Select “PIN RESET” and press 8


  •  Select “FORGOT PIN” / 1 and press the button


  •  Enter the ID card number “NID CARD NO”


  • Enter last transaction amount “LAST TRANSACTION AMOUNT”
  • Select the last transaction type “LAST TRANSACTION TYPE”
  • View and remember the OTP (ONE TIME PASSWORD) from the message option
  • Set up a new PIN by dialing * 167 #


You can learn how to set up the PIN by entering the link below.


The second method is to call NAGAD customer service. At present it is not possible to communicate with the customer service person who has been waiting for a long time to call the customer’s service. However, if it is possible to contact the customer service by calling, the customer will have to provide some information about his account.

The ID card with which the NAGAD account is opened has to give the ID card number.

Customer name

Year of birth

Account balance

Last transaction (details of money transactions within 90 days)


An OTP (One Time Password) will then be sent from the customer service to the customer’s mobile and the customer will have to set up the PIN of his choice with that OTP.


Procedures for recovering forgotten PINs through phone calls

Dial 16167


Learn about services and build relationships with customer service. Press “0” to contact customer service

Give all the information including ID card number, date of birth, customer name, last transaction amount to the customer service person.

Go to the message option, look at the temporary PIN number and remember.

Set up the PIN number by dialing * 167 #


If you do not know the PIN set up method, enter the link below and find out.


It is possible to recover a forgotten PIN in a NAGAD account through these two means. If you have any problem with NAGAD ACCOUNT, please let us know in the comments section. The solution will be posted as soon as possible.

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