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109th Prize Bond Draw 2023

109th prize bond draw 2023 announced. We are presenting all the information regarding the 109th prize bond draw in today's discussion.

109th prize bond draw 2023 announced.  We are presenting all the information regarding the 109th prize bond draw in today’s discussion.

 109th Prize Bond Draw 2023

 Results of the Tk 100 prize bond draw controlled by Bangladesh Bank have been published.  This year’s prize bond was the 109th.  It was held on October 31, 2023 at the Dhaka Divisional Commissioner’s Office.  109th Prize Bond Draw 2023

Dhaka Divisional Commissioner Mohammad Khalilur Rahman was present on the occasion.  The program was held under the chairmanship of Divisional Commissioner Mohammad Khalilur Rahman.  The number of first prize and second prize as well as all prize series were announced at the event. 

Check the results here

First Prize Winner is 6 Lakh Prize Winner Serial Number is 0098667 and along with that Second Prize Winner is Prize Series Winner Number of Take 3 Lakh 25 Thousand has been published.  The number is serial number 0888051.

 And those individuals who won the third prize is one lakh taka and also the fourth prize winner is 50 thousand taka and the fifth prize winner is 10 thousand taka.  The serial numbers of all of them i.e. prize bond numbers have been announced. 

Some important facts about prize bonds

The first prize of the prize bond is Rs. 6 lakhs.
  The second prize is Take 3 lakh 25 thousand
  And the third prize is one lakh rupees
  The fourth prize is 50 thousand rupees
  And the fifth prize winner will get Rs.10000

    Check out the 1st Prize…  

We are making the prize bond numbers public in our discussion below.  You can know by reading our published picture below the information published below.  Whether your number is in the published prize bond this time means whether you are lucky.

109th Prize Bond Winners List

 As you have already known,

Anyone who has tried Prize Bond before knows that.  Prize bond awards are published as all prize series, including first and second prizes.  A total of 46 awards are covered.

109th Prize bond Draw 2022

This ‘draw’ is conducted in a single common system (i.e. same number for each series) and currently 68 (sixty eight) series of Rs 100/- (one hundred) denominations are in circulation viz.যথা-কক, কখ, কগ, কঘ, কঙ, কচ, কছ, কজ, কঝ, কঞ, কট, কঠ, কড, কঢ, কথ, কদ, কন, কপ, কফ, কব, কম, কল, কশ, কষ, কস, কহ, খক, খখ, খগ, খঘ, খঙ, খচ, খছ, খজ, খঝ, খঞ, খট, খঠ, খড, খঢ, খথ, খদ, খন, খপ, খফ, খব, খম, খল, খশ, খষ, খস, খহ, গক, গখ, গগ, গঘ, গঙ, গচ, গছ, গজ, গঝ, গঞ, গট, গঠ, গড, গঢ়, গথ এবং গদ এবং ‘ড্র’  46 common numbers covered by this ‘draw’ will be considered eligible for the prize.

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