How To Use Google Drive 2023

Google Drive is one of the other services of Google. Many of us do not have the right idea or knowledge about Google Drive. At present, almost all of us have at least a little Google account but many have more than one Google account.

How To Use Google Drive 2023

Google Drive is one of the other services of Google. Many of us do not have the right idea or knowledge about Google Drive. At present, almost all of us have at least a little Google account but many have more than one Google account. You may be surprised to know that Google Drive is connected to every Google account but many of us do not know the proper use of Google Drive. If you want to know about the use of Google Drive and if you want to know what is Google Drive then today’s post is for you. Also through our website, you will always get a lot of information and ideas about technology. How To Use Google Drive

How To Upload File On Google Drive

We already know that one of the services of Google is Google Drive. Google Drive is a cloud storage solution. All the files that we keep in our phone storage or SD card we can use offline. Google Drive provides storage where our data will be stored on Google’s servers and we can use it as needed later. But you have to download any file from Google Drive and when you want to put the file in Google Drive, you must upload the file, meaning you have an internet connection, you can’t use Google Drive without a WiFi connection. Google Drive is associated with your Google Account, meaning you can access your Google Drive with your Google Account. Storage of Google Drive: Limited and 15 GB of storage is available there for free. However, if you want, you can buy and use up to 2 terabytes, that is, up to 2000 GB.

How To Buy Google Drive Storege

Since Google offers free drive storage up to 15 GB for their users and if you use up to 15 GB of storage and if you think storage up to 15 GB is not enough then you can buy Google’s extra storage if you want. So now the question is how much money you have to pay to buy this extra stage. Google Storage: If you want to extend, you need to buy a monthly or annual subscription. This means that you may receive a certain amount of money from Google every month or the amount of money per year will depend on the amount of your storage. Below you can see Google’s storage plan

The 100gb Google Drive Stage price is two US dollars per month

200gb Google Drive storage costs three US dollars per month

Google users can buy a bike drive stage for  10 per month

How To Upload A File On Google Drive

Google users can upload files to Google Drive from any mobile or computer using a browser or Google Drive app. You can access Google Drive directly by clicking the button below.

After accessing Google Drive, go to the file option and you will get the file upload option. If you click on the file upload option, you can upload any file on any device and any format file to Google Drive. If you want to put your data in another folder then you have to fit the new folder and upload the file there. Google Drive’s app can now be used on smartphones. If you click on the Google Drive app, you can access Google Drive, from there you can upload any type of file by clicking on the class icon or selecting upload. Google Drive supports most of the current file formats. Many times we can’t upload some files to Google Drive which are extra in size and the number of characters in S file is more than 1.01 million. You know, one point is not more than zero to two million. In the case of spreadsheets, 5 million will eventually support Google Drive. Spreadsheets can be opened with Google Sheets and then uploaded to Drive. If you put any presentations in Google Drive, you can use them in the form of slides. Care should be taken that the size of the presentation does not exceed 100 MB. In addition, single files of 5 terabytes in size can be kept in Google Drive.

How To Download Files From Google Drive

Since Google Drive is an online storage system, if you want to keep the file in Google Drive, you have to upload the file using a net connection or if you want to reuse the file, you must download the file using an internet connection. Now the question is how to download the file. You can download the file from the computer through the download option of the file that you have placed in Google Drive. In many cases, the file is not downloaded properly due to a lack of storage on the phone or device.

How To Delete Google Drive files

Many times our Google Drive stage gets full due to storing a lot of data in Google Drive. Many of us use up to 15GB of free storage. Since the user has selected the free plan, there is a shortage of storage, although the user can do his storage if he wants, if the file is unnecessary, you can recover the storage by deleting the file unnecessarily. Click Remove to remove or delete any file from Google Drive. However, the way we delete a folder from SD card or phone storage or from device storage, the delete option behaves a little differently in the case of Google Drive. Removal alone will not allow you to delete any file. Any removed or deleted files will stay on your drive for up to 30 days. The files are stored in the truss bin or recycle bin folder of your drive for up to 30 days, after which the files no longer need to be deleted. After 30 days, the files are automatically deleted. You can delete the files even before 30 days. In that case, by right-clicking on the specific file by entering Trash Deen or by selecting on the phone and clicking Delete Forever, the files can be deleted permanently.

How To Share Files From Google Drive

After uploading any file to Google Drive, you can share those files with your friends or family, or anyone else. We need a link to share the files and we will now discuss how to get that link. Google Drive offers to share to all users. You will upload any file to Google Drive and from there you will get the link of that file by clicking on the gate link. You can share that link in any way i.e. through message or messenger, WhatsApp but you have to restrict or select that link while sharing. If you share the file with restricted alcohol, you will receive an e-mail before the officer’s friend enters your file. If you check the mail, that person will be able to access your file, otherwise, that person will not be able to access your file. If you select Anyone and share the file, the person will be able to open the file as soon as it reaches them without any approval.

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